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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?Canada Used Car Brokers

Brokers do the legwork for you.

Overall Rating: 7/10E-Commerce Rating: 3/10
BRITISH COLUMBIA - Auto Finders for Car Shopping in Victoria BC

Auto Finders - like other brokers in Victoria and elsewhere - relies on establishing personal relationships and offering individualized service rather than depending on a high tech site. Their 7-step method is well explained on the site and they are upfront about pricing (their service is $649 plus GST for used vehicles). Although you can't get the process started online other than indicating your general vehicle preferences and price range you can contact Auto Finders via email, snail mail, fax, an online form or telephone (toll free in BC for those outside Victoria).

Auto Finders' methods are clearly explained and you're given a variety of contact options to get the process started. You must be willing to come to Victoria to pick up your vehicle.

You can't specify much more than the bare minimum on the Auto Finders contact form and you can't pay the deposit online to get the process started.

How to:

Overall Rating: 6/10E-Commerce Rating: 4/10

In fairness to the other listings in this category I must point out that this is not the site to come to if you are looking for an economical, practical and reliable family car. This site deals exclusively in exotic and fanciful vehicles some of which cost more than most of us will MAKE in our entire lifetime! So if you're looking for something to get you to work each day and into the countryside with the family on the weekend this is not the site for you.

That being said - if you are seriously searching for that collectable vehicle this is the place to come. The Wanted Submission Form is not secure but does come with a turnaround guarantee and allows you to indicate quite well what you are looking for (and one presumes that you aren't using this site unless you know exactly what you are looking for).

Good configuration form that does require typing many of the characteristics of the car but this is because configurators may not exist for many of these specialized vehicles. There is a turnaround guarantee of 24 hours.

The form, which asks for quite a bit of personal information, is not secure. There is no toll free or online (live) help available at the Car Experience site.

How to:

  • Start the broker searching for your next vehicle
    Input as much information about the car you are looking for as possible. Input your personal details and click on Submit Form. At the top of the page it says that a $500 deposit, which will be deducted from the price of the car, is required, but there is no indication on how you make that deposit (online with a credit card? over the phone with a credit card?) and there is no indication which currency (I presume US dollars) this deposit is in.

Overall Rating: 5/10E-Commerce Rating: 4/10
BRITISH COLUMBIA, ALBERTA - BetterCarBuy : Great deals on cars & trucks, for BC & Alberta

Better Car Buy operates a little differently than the other sites in this category in that they do not charge a fee for their service. Presumably their fee is rolled in to the price of the vehicle. They do not offer the consultation to help you choose the right car for you that other brokers do. You specify what you want and they come back to you with a price and financing (should you need it).

Better Car Buy has a secure form where you can indicate your vehicle preferences as well as your contact information. Better Car Buy deals in both new and used vehicles.

There is nothing on this site about the company - I would feel a little better if I knew more about the company or if there was a privacy statement (even though they are using secure forms). There is no turnaround guarantee given when you submit the Search Request form - it would be nice to know when someone might get back to me.

How to:

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