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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?Canada Auto Research

Where should you start when researching a new or used car purchase? We've designed a section that will help you through the process quickly and easily. Categories are arranged in what we think is a logical order but of course you can go in whatever order suits you best. Remember - the better informed you are before you go to a dealership or to an online buying site the more likely you are to end up with a car you're happy with at a reasonable price.

Choose between:

  • Buying Guides - start here for an overview of car buying and discussion of topics like buying new versus buying used, financing, resale value, choosing the right car to suit your lifestyle and much more.

  • Go Green - the type of car you buy and how you drive it won't affect just you. We hope that you'll refer to the Go Green section to get some ideas about how to choose a car that suits your lifestyle, budget and lessens your contribution to environmental degradation.

  • Help Me Choose - once you've figured out your requirements in a vehicle you can use the tools in this category to help you find the car (or cars) that match your needs and wants.

  • Comparison Tools - can't decide? Use the tools in the category to compare the four or five cars you arrived at by using the Help Me Choose tools.

  • Specific Models - once you've picked out two or three cars that seem perfect for you use the sites in this category to find detailed information on specific models.

  • Manufacturers - by going to the manufacturer sites you'll be able to build the perfect car for you with exactly the options, features and colors (inside and out) that you want - you can even get a quote on it at this point.

  • Price Guides - use the price guides for a couple of tasks - to double check the prices that you obtained for your new car on the manufacturer's site (and to make sure there aren't any rebates or incentives that you aren't aware of) or to get a valuation estimate for a used car that you are thinking of buying (or selling).

  • Magazines - check out magazines for road tests and more anecdotally slanted information on your chosen car.

  • Used Car Histories - if you are buying a used car you need to consider whether you want to uncover the entire history of the vehicle (as opposed to the abbreviated version the seller may be offering). This information isn't free but could potentially save you money and hassles.

  • Vintage - if you're shopping for a collector car use the sites in this category to learn more about buying, restoring and caring for vintage cars.

  • Trucks - if it's a truck you're after look in this category for information on all aspects of truck ownership and purchase.

Are you searching for information on a specific type of vehicle such as SUVs or Volkswagen? Your best bet to locate information quickly and easily is to use the Search feature (near the top of the right hand column on all pages on the site). For example, to search for information on RVs simply type the term "RV" (without the quotes) into the search box, indicate which areas you wish to search (the whole site or a specific country) and click on search.

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