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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?Canada Car Comparison Tools

Okay, you've narrowed it down to two, three, four cars. Use these sites to compare them.

Some car comparison tools allow you to compare older cars to each other (rather than just being able to compare this year's models to each other). Bolded text saying "This car comparison tool allows you to compare used cars" at the beginning of the review indicates that the car comparison tool on the site has the capability of comparing older cars.

If you find that the Canadian car research tools listed on this page are not adequate for your needs you can use the tools on the American page (simply click on the "See this page for: the US" link in the lower left hand corner of the page). Keep in mind that there are some subtle differences between cars for sale in Canada and in the US.

The major differences between US and Canadian regulations mean that cars for sale in Canada must have bilingual labels, kilometers instead of miles, child seat anchors, daytime running lights and more stringent bumpers. Obviously prices shown on US sites are in US dollars and you should keep that in mind when looking at any pricing data.

Overall Rating: 7/10E-Commerce Rating: 0/10
Globe Auto Compare: Make & Model

This car comparison tool allows you to compare used vehicles back to 2002.

This is a well thought out car comparison tool with some very helpful features.

You can compare up to 3 vehicles at a time and the database contains models back to 2002. If you compare 2 cars the third column points out where 1 vehicle has an advantage over the other - this is a very nice feature. You can print the page and selecting a different vehicle is easily accomplished. You can also save car information in to a virtual garage (this virtual garage is 'cookie based' so you don't need to do any registering etc - keep in mind however that should you clear the cookies from your browser anything you store will be lost).

It would be nice if you could see price ranges when you select a model of vehicles so that you can assess whether you are choosing similarly priced vehicles to compare. The long list of characteristics is a bit hard to read - it is a good thing that the advantages column is there or one would be hard pressed to identify which vehicle is actually the better choice in certain areas.

Overall Rating: 6/10E-Commerce Rating: 0/10
Side-by-side compare tool - Step 1

This car comparison tool allows you to compare used cars to one another.

This car comparison is generally good with one major problem (see below). Compared criteria are not extensive but are adequate for you to see how vehicles differ and are the same.

You can compare up to 4 cars at a time and models are available dating back to 2001.

It took me a long time before I could find two cars to compare that both had sufficient information in the database to make them a valid choice. I don't know if this is because many 2006 vehicles have not yet been added to the database or for some other reason. I kept selecting vehicles that had no information and then the comparison tool would complain and I'd have to go back to the first step. Disappointing that 3 months in to the new year the latest model information is not yet available.

Overall Rating: 3/10E-Commerce Rating: 0/10
Canadian automotive network

This car comparison tool allows you to compare used cars to one another.

This car comparison is okay although I wish it would just let you choose manufacturer and model on the first screen rather than forcing you to choose by category (passenger car, minivan). Not a lot of criteria in the comparison but a couple of neat features to the tool itself.

You can replace either car being compared with a newer or older model or compare to the older/newer model of that same vehicle. The comparison can be printed or sent. You can compare vehicles as far back as 1997.

You can only compare two vehicles at a time and the comparison chart is really lacklustre. It is a shame no one in Canada seems to see any benefit in giving us the same kind of functionality that American sites have where advantages of one vehicle over another are clearly indicated and an anecdotal report that encapsulates the differences is often available.

Overall Rating: 3/10E-Commerce Rating: 0/10
Sympatico/ MSN Autos Side-By-Side Compare

A very basic car comparison tool that only compares new models and has a fairly limited list of characteristics in the comparison.

Simple interface.

Can only compare two vehicles at a time and only this year's models.

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