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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?UK New Brokers

Brokers do the legwork for you.

Overall Rating: 5/10E-Commerce Rating: 3/10
NATIONWIDE - Cheap New Car brokers offering cheapest new car prices.

Gaudy orange colour scheme and visually busy-ness makes this site rather confusing and hard to navigate. Forms are non-secure and require the user to type in too much information.

Pull down lists for manufacturer and model of car on enquiry form.

Visually confusing and garish colour scheme which makes navigation difficult. Too much typing - why does the user have to type in the Broker4cars price? No turn around guarantee given. No privacy statement. Office not open on Saturdays or Sundays.

How to:

  • Search for a car
    Choose a manufacturer from any of the three buying choices (outright, monthly finance or looking for a van) in the top left corner of the main page.

  • Contact the company
    Phone number, address and email information here.

Overall Rating: 3/10E-Commerce Rating: 4/10
NATIONWIDE - Car Broker UK - Cheap New Cars & Vans for sale

Visually busy-ness makes this another site that is rather confusing and hard to navigate. Not all manufacturers are offered and the search process has not been well thought out. Prices seem higher than other brokers.

Automatically inputs manufacturer, model and CarBrokerUK price in to request form. Has a simple request form that doesn't take too long to complete.

Prices seem a bit on the high side. Certain manufacturer/model combinations do not seem to be available from this brokerage. No turn around guarantee given. No privacy statement. Request form is not secure. Office not open on Saturdays or Sundays. No street address given.

How to:

  • Search for a car
    From the main page select a manufacturer and model in the drop down lists. On the next page you MAY see a list of models and their prices (that is if you have chosen a model that is available from CarBrokerUK). If you don't see the list you'll have to email the company requesting a price or choose another model.

  • Contact the company
    Find phone numbers and email addresses here.

Overall Rating: 3/10E-Commerce Rating: 3/10
NATIONWIDE - Car Brokers Car Broker UK Car Broker

Top Hat Brokers has a visually busy site with a little too much white text on a dark background for my liking. There is a lack of consistency across models that makes it difficult to pin down the pros and the cons of the site. Overall the site has gone down in quality since the last review.

Turn around guarantee given and you can text your requirements from your mobile. Office is open on Saturday.

For some manufacturers (i.e. BMW) you'll see a list of cars with prices and for others (Ford) you'll see an enquiry form that you have to type WAY TOO MUCH information in to a non-secure form. News and reviews page has very little information on it (basically just another sales enticement page). No privacy statement.

How to:

  • Search for a car
    This function is very difficult to document. Certain manufacturers like BMW and Honda have prices listed (click on the New Car Deals link and then follow the resulting steps) and offer you an enquiry form to fill out. Others like Ford don't have a price list but still ask you to fill in an enquiry form where you have to type in the Top Hat Brokers' price. I guess all this inconsistency is to make you frustrated so that you simply get on the phone or email them and then they can convince you to buy the car THEY want to sell.

  • Contact the company
    Addresses, hours and phone numbers can be found here.

Overall Rating: 3/10E-Commerce Rating: 3/10
NATIONWIDE - new car deals - Vehicles for sale at discounted prices

This site has a very strange approach overall - certain choices (like BMW offers) offer you no real online capability while others (like Land Rover) allow you to specify colours and options and even place a deposit to get the process started. Very odd.

On certain brands you can specify which vehicle you are interested in and choose options and colours. Should you be lucky enough to select one of these vehicles you will be offered a secure page on which to input your personal information and make a pound;500 deposit to get the purchase started.

If you happen to choose one of the vehicles that does not offer true 'online' shopping you will only be able to request information via a poorly done email (that doesn't even put the vehicle you have requested in to the email subject line). There is no turnaround guarantee given when you request information on a vehicle and no opening hours for the office are given.

How to:

  • Search for a car
    Click on one of the links on the left to select a vehicle that interests you. You'll either get to configure the vehicle and start the purchasing process online or you'll only be able to request more information via email.

  • Contact the company
    Phone number, address and email information here.

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