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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?UK Car Comparison Tools

Okay, you've narrowed it down to two, three, four cars. Use these sites to compare them.

Some car comparison tools allow you to compare older cars to each other (rather than just being able to compare this year's models to each other). Bolded text saying "This car comparison tool allows you to compare used cars" at the beginning of the review indicates that the car comparison tool on the site has the capability of comparing older cars.

Overall Rating: 7/10
Car Comparison - What Car?

This tool has improved and now allows you to compare up to three cars at a time. Simply select your first car by make, model and edition and then select up to two more cars using the other drop down lists for selecting make, model and edition. When you've got the two or three cars you want click on the Compare button. It's helpful that you can compare new or used cars (in some cases back to the early nineties).

You'll see quite an extensive comparison chart that uses both a graphical score and text reporting to let you know how the cars compare to each other. Full reviews of each vehicle as well as comparisons of the equipment and running costs are available from links on the right.

This is a good tool - my only complaint would be that when you are being shown the cars to choose from you aren't shown the list price. The list price can be helpful in making sure that you are comparing cars of a generally similar ranking, size and quality level.

Overall Rating: 6/10
AutoLocate New Vehicle Comparator

To access the car comparison tool click on the New Cars link on the main page (lower left corner) to begin. Select the first car that you want to base your comparisons on by clicking on the make on the next screen and the body type on the subsequent screen. Then pick out the exact car you are interested in from the list presented. To the right of the picture you'll see a 'Compare with another Model' link.

Choose your next make, model and derivative. The resulting chart is nothing special but is unfortunately the second best car comparison tool available for UK users. You can also add more vehicles. I stopped at three but you may be able to compare more. One nice feature is that when you are selecting derivatives there are prices listed so you can get a car that is in the same kind of price range as the others you are looking at.

Overall Rating: 3/10
CarStats on www.CarNet.co.uk

There is a very limited car comparison tool available after you select the car(s) you want to look at on the main page. Simply click on the Add button (next to a model) to display the 22 characteristics of that car in a pop-up window. Click on Add again to add another car. If you want to add a car that is not in the list you have displayed you can search again (go to the bottom of the page). Then just follow the same Add procedure - I think you can compare an unlimited number of cars but past about seven it just becomes too cumbersome.

Some of the data in the chart seems suspect - on several cars the built from/to dates have been reversed - and a legend explaining some of the acronyms and abbreviations used in the characteristics list would be helpful.

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