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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?UK Specific Models

Looking for a specific model of car? See below.

Overall Rating: 8/10
Your Best Bet!4Car - Car Reviews, News and Videos from channel4.com

To find the road test that interests you use the 'Browse Road Tests' search box in the top right hand corner of the page. Simply select your manufacturer and click on Go. You'll be shown a list of reviews for the various models listed alphabetically by model within the manufacturer (so Ford Cougar, Ford Escort, Ford Explorer etc). This list also shows you when the review was written and if it is a full road test or is a less comprehensive review (in which case the single word 'Driven' is included after the model name).

The full road tests are very good indeed. Reviews are attributed and are several pages long. Drawbacks, assets and a verdict are given on the main page along with an overall rating. List price is given as well as a star-rating for reliability and quality, image, driving, performance, safety and security, running costs and comfort and equipment.

So what's missing? There are no specifications listed, no links to other reviews and no car comparison tool. Not all models have pictures and some of the reviews are getting long in the tooth. On the whole though the full road tests, which are extensive and well-written, are very good and even the shorter, more anecdotal articles available when 'Driven' is listed next to the model are helpful.

Overall Rating: 7/10
AutoLocate - New and Used Cars Locator, UK. Search used cars with digital photos

Click on the New Cars link on the main page (lower left corner) to begin. On the next screen specify make, model and then pick out the exact car you are interested in from the list presented. You'll see pretty complete specs and information on the car (click on the appropriate heading under the picture - for example Interior Detail - to see the specs).

Most cars will have a link to a WiseBuyer's Car Review (last item in the list to the right of the picture) and you can also compare this car with another car from a different manufacturer from this screen. You can also get a look at the options available with the car as well as warranty and insurance information. Unfortunately there are no links to other reviews (besides the WiseBuyer's one) and there are no images other than the small, representative picture (no 360 degree views at all).

Overall Rating: 6/10
The AA: Motoring - Car search

To access information on a specific model select the manufacturer in the last drop down list just above the Search button and click on Search. Then select model, derivative (number of doors, transmission type and fuel) and finally version. Click on the vehicle name on the final screen to say specific model information. At the end of all this clicking and selecting you'll be shown pretty detailed information on the car you've chosen.

You'll see fairly complete car data (specifications), Euro NCAP crash test results and an AA Car Review if one is available. Unfortunately there are some pieces missing from this information puzzle - it would be nice to have a gallery for the specific model and there isn't a lot of pricing information available either (other than base price - pricing of options would be helpful).

Overall Rating: 5/10
BBC Top Gear | Buyer's Guides - Buying New

Select the exact car you want from the Search Road Tests box on the right hand side of the page (or click on the Advanced Search link to specify criteria0. The details available on an individual car are far from exhaustive and the road test/review is short on specifics and long on chummy chat that seems a bit inappropriate when one is thinking of spending thousands of pounds ("Or you could just dump the clobber and take it for a proper cross-country blat instead . . ."). Also many of the road tests are getting quite old or are simply unavailable for newer vehicles.

Other negatives are that the roadtest is unattributed and there are no links to other reviews. Specifications provided seem incomplete when compared to specs available on American sites. You get one small picture of the car and no 360 degree views or a car comparison tool.

Overall Rating: 3/10
Statistics on CarNet.co.uk

This is a nifty little tool that could be really excellent with the addition of more information. From the main page you input the make and as much of the model name as you know and click on the Find Data button.

You are then presented with a list of all cars that match this information that have been sold in the UK since 1947 (and to the end of 2000). Information available on each car is not extensive but this is a good place to get a grasp of what models are available within a certain manufacturer's offerings.

There is also a comparison tool that allows you to compare the 22 characteristics that are available on each car. A legend explaining some of the acronyms and abbreviations used in the characteristics list would be helpful.

A fun variant of this tool - also accessed from the main page - is one that lets you pick a car that was, when first launched, the fastest, most expensive, heaviest etc. I don't know that this has a practical application but it is interesting (I was surprised to find that the most expensive car sold in my birth year was a Mini 850/1000 that was £90 more than a Rolls-Royce Phantom V Limo).

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