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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?UK Help Me Choose

Still have no idea which car is best for you? Try these resources....

Overall Rating: 8/10
Your Best Bet!AutoLocate - New and Used Cars Locator, UK. Search used cars with digital photos

Click on the New Car Lifestyle Search link in the left hand column. You get to specify about 60 criteria that will help narrow down your car choices. Some of the criteria are very minor (locking wheel nuts, front armrest) but others such as fuel economy and safety features will be more critical in determining your choice. A great new addition is the ability to order your results by price so that you can see which is the cheapest car that meets your criteria.

Once you've indicated your criteria you'll be presented with a list of cars that match and can click on any one of the cars to see more details. Excellent tool AutoLocate!

Overall Rating: 7/10
New Car Chooser

This simple and elegant new entry in to the 'help me choose' tool category is well-done and user friendly. Answer a few simple questions (most of which have helpful short explanations available by clicking on the information icon - an 'i' inside a circle), choose from a couple of pull down lists and use 12 'sliders' to indicate which characteristics are important. Within a few minutes you'll have a list of 3 cars that match your desired preferences. There's a nifty little calculator (although a few more details on how it works would be helpful) that allows you to estimate relative annual costs of running each vehicle. On the second to last page you can book a test drive or get a brochure on any of your 3 top choice. Finally on the last page you'll be able to print your search, find your best loan deal and save your search (so you can return to it later).

The site is very easy to navigate and makes choosing the right car for you wonderfully simple. You don't need to enter any private data to save your search and retrieval is easy. Well done Mike!

Overall Rating: 7/10
The AA: Car Buyer's Guide

A really easy to use and helpful 'Help Me Choose' tool. Begin by choosing the size (or sizes) of car that would suit your needs. Then choose your most important features (a maximum of two medium priority and one high priority) followed by preferred options (airbags, transmission types) and finally new or used, body type and number of door and price range. You'll see how many cars remain at each step in the top right hand corner.

When you've finished you'll see a list of vehicles that meet your criteria. Information available on each car is quite good with pictures, an AA car review (in most cases), specs, safety ratings and even information on recalls and a glossary. Unfortunately however the list does not show you prices on the various cars nor are you given any options during the criteria setting process to sort the results prior to display.

Overall Rating: 5/10
ComCar Company car tax guides

When you use this tool the cars shown will be those that are the lowest taxed 100 cars meeting your search criteria. If you wish to use the regular car chooser (which outputs up to 600 matching vehicles) you'll have to register and pay £10 per month (which entitles you to perform up to 10 searches on the chooser database).

Use this tool to find a list of 100 cars that fit your overall requirements AND are also the lowest taxed (meaning that they have the lowest emissions of carbon dioxide). You'll be shown the taxes applicable to each car.

Although Rupert Russell of ComCar kindly took the time to write me and explain the nuances of the company car and car taxation in the UK I'm still a little fuzzy on how exactly it all works. However one thing I do understand is that this tool allows you to find the most environmentally friendly car (that coincidentally costs less taxwise) for your needs. And no matter which country you live in that's a good thing! So please consider using this tool and going with the car that will cause the least impact in terms of the production of greenhouse gasses.

Overall Rating: 3/10
4car- Car Reviews, News and Videos from channel4.com

The assisted search doesn't give you a ton of criteria to use to build your selection but it's not too bad. You'll be presented with a list of cars that match your criteria and links to further information on each vehicle.

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