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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?UK Techno Toys

Looking for a neat technological gadget for your vehicle? Check out these offerings.

Overall Rating: 9/10E-Commerce Rating: 9/10
Your Best Bet!Car Audio,Car Amplifier, Car subwoofers and Car Speakers - all at great prices

Before you begin using this site complete the free registration (accessed by clicking the register link in the top right hand area of the page). Once you've completed this quick and easy registration and activated your account you'll be able to access the excellent information on the support page. Here you'll find buying guides that will help you identify characteristics you need to look at to get the perfect CD player or speakers. You can also check out the knowledge base and glossary or ask a question of the Bassjunkies resident expert. Then you can move on to searching out a product to purchase.

This great site offers a number of avenues to finding the car audio product that is right for you. On the left hand of the page you can shop by brand and on the right hand side of the page you can shop by product. Graphics in the center of the page allow you to select one of the site's bestselling products. And down the bottom of the page on the left you can look at special offers, top promotions, best sellers and the latest technology.

Results from a category (i.e. MP3 players) are shown in price order (from low to high) and you don't seem to be able to re-sort them. However you do have lots of other options that aren't available on other sites. You can filter returned results by price ranges and you can compare items one to the other (although the comparison is somewhat disappointing as it only compares about 4 characteristics - come on, you can do better Bassjunkies). You can also just see a single brand of the results returned (so for example only the Pioneer MP3 players) by clicking on the appropriate brand graphic link at the top of the page. Specifications on items are very extensive and include information on how to install the item in your vehicle (if appropriate). Unfortunately consumer reviews are not available on this site nor is there any indication of links to forum sites.

Should you wish to buy you'll need to register (if you haven't shopped here before) and collection of your billing details (address etc) and credit card information is done on a secure page. To get sales help you can send an email using the online enquiry form or telephone or send email (see Contact us under the About us link for details). Although this site isn't perfect it has done a very good job from both a shopping and informational point of view.

Overall Rating: 8/10E-Commerce Rating: 8/10
One of our Favorites!Car Audio Direct - The UK's leading car audio and stereo resource

This good site offers a number of ways for you to find the right audio equipment for your vehicle (and your budget). You could start your search by shopping by brand or by category (i.e. CD Players, iPod Friendly) or if you're really stumped go down to the lower left hand corner of the page (below the category column) and use the Stereo Install Wizard. Or go to the right hand side of the page and look at what others have bought in the 'Best Sellers' column.

Within a single item listing (for example CD players) there aren't as many features as I could hope for and your only option for sorting is to arrange by price (it would be nice to sort by brand). There is no ability to compare different items to each other and although there are reviews on some items it is not immediately obvious which have been reviewed by your fellow shopeprs. The specification and advice tabs are helpful.

Should you wish to buy you'll need to register (if you haven't shopped here before). Registration is done on a secure page and will allow you to buy more quickly in the future and not have to re-enter information like shipping and billing address. The site has a link to the very active TalkAudio forum where you are sure to be able to find advice any answers to almost any car audio question you can imagine. There is also quite a bit of good information in the Technical Articles section under the help menu. There is an online help system for sales assistance but it is disappointing that there is no telephone or live chat support available.

Overall Rating: 7/10E-Commerce Rating: 9/10
One of our Favorites!Car accessories, gadgets, special equipment - MSN Cars

It should be noted right off the top that this site is not a shopping site but an informational one where you can research items but not actually buy them. Once you've found an item you will be directed to a place where you can buy it.

From the main page this site looks like a bit of a dud since the searching options are so limited (you only get to choose from Top Car Electronics with 6 categories, Top in Car Entertainment by category with 5 options and Top in Car Entertainment by brand with 6 options). But once you are inside one of these choices you are able to be a lot more flexible in your searching. For example if you choose in-car audio systems under the Top in Car Entertainment by category heading you can then sort the items found by car audio type (amplifier or CD), brand and price range.

Once you are within a category (for example the above mentioned car audio) you can narrow your search by price range or brand. You can also re-sort results by most popular, highest user rating, price (ascending or descending) and name. You can also compare items easily. Details on individual items are quite extensive and include reviews & ratings (where available). You can't buy directly from the MSN site but it does show you the prices at a number of stores and you are of course always free to check out other sites in this category to see whether they have the item cheaper.

Overall Rating: 7/10E-Commerce Rating: 6/10
Car Audio Centre - Audio Retailer - Dealers In Sony Head Unit Stereo Products

This site is not as full-featured as others in terms of ways to find the right item for your car. You can search by categories, look in the clearance bin or look at the offer of the month or best sellers (links on the right). There is no option to search by brand or to specify your vehicle and what components might fit in it.

Within a single item listing (for example CD changers) you are able to sort by brand and price. And once you have a listing up you can refine your results somewhat by modifying your search to specify brands (all or select one) and a price range. The information available on individual items is very skimpy and I would suggest that you check out other sites in this category for full specifications (and of course to compare prices). Many items have customer reviews and that is clearly indicated on the item listing. There is no ability to compare items to each other within a category.

Should you wish to buy you'll need to register (if you haven't shopped here before) but unlike other sites the registration is not done on a secure page (I would prefer that details like my telephone number and address be encrypted). There is free sales help (technical help is billed at 75 pence per minute) as well as the ability to send an email should you have a question. There is a brief glossary but otherwise there is no additional information online that would be of help to the car audio consumer (or someone trying to install car audio themselves).

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