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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?US Automotive E-Businesses

Check out our list of virtual, Internet-based automotive businesses:

Overall Rating: 8/10
Chrome Data Corporation | Driving Automotive E-Commerce

You may very well ask why I have included this site in the research section of "Where Can I Buy A Car Online?". I have included it because I think that if you are interested in buying or researching a car on the Internet it is wise to gain a little bit of understanding as to who is providing the information and what else they are involved in.

Chrome is huge! To quote them "For more than 16 years, Chrome has served the retail automotive industry exclusively. . . Chrome provides the North American ordering system for General Motors and its 8,300 dealers. We set the standard in ordering systems for fleet management, serving 9 of the 10 largest fleet management companies. Our automotive clients sold half of all new vehicles sold in the US in 2000. We're proud to be exclusively automotive."

Chrome supplies the data - most importantly PRICING data - to a lot of sites and has been rated by CNW Marketing/Research as the most accurate of the eight major data/configuration providers (February 2000 and Spring 2001). You might want to visit their Chrome Standard page (from the main page click on About Chrome and look at the listings on the left hand side of the page) for information on this data provisioning as well as the Chrome Top 10 page which shows you the top ten online quote-request cars for most major American cities.

Chrome's site is fascinating and poking around on it will give you a better idea of how the online car buying and researching industry is set up and what to watch out for.

Overall Rating: 7/10
Epinions.com - Reviews of Autos

This site is interesting because it is completely derived from opinions on vehicles from ordinary folks. Read what others say about various vehicles - search by type (compact, convertibles, luxury etc.), manufacturer, model year and price. The Fuel Type category has returned to the site (its removal earlier distressed this kinda green gal) - you can once again look for reviews of Ethanol/Hybrid and Electric/Hybrid cars.

Use this site as a 'reality check' when you find a vehicle that you think might work for you. It is always good to have the comments of the 'common man' (and woman) rather than just the experts' opinions. The site is easy to use, well laid out and offers links to find a selected car at auction or ask for a price quote.

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