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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?US Automotive Magazines

What are journalists saying about that car?

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Overall Rating: 8/10E-Commerce Rating: 0/10
Your Best Bet!Car and Driver - 2006 car reviews and automotive buyer's guide

A very good site with indexed reviews for a variety of vehicles in both this year's models and back to 2004. The site features a helpful buyer's guide, glossary, lots of free information, forums and a search tool if you can't find what you're looking.

Along with all the usual suspects Car and Driver has a new tool called the Interactive Buyer's Guide - see the link below. This is just a fantastic tool with lots of educational modules and the ability to save vehicles. The forums are lively and up-to-date (not like some sites where no one has posted on the forums for months or even years).

There really aren't any downsides to this site.

How to:

  • Find a review on a specific model
    Select your make and model and click on the go button or select a category (luxury, SUV) and click on go.

  • Access buyer's guide
    Choose your approach (education modules, mini-tour or get started) and click to start. You're sure to enjoy using this tool and get some great information out of it.

  • Access glossary
    Click on the letter that starts your term or use the find function of your browser.

  • Search the site
    To search the site type your term in the box up in the right hand corner and click on the GO button.

Overall Rating: 8/10E-Commerce Rating: 0/10
One of our Favorites!Motor Trend: World's #1 Automotive Authority

Another good site that loses some points because its road tests are not indexed for easy access. The buyer's guide is nothing special and the site does not have a glossary. There are recently used forums, some fun stuff on the site (games, wallpaper) and some interesting shopping tips.

Forums are lively and up-to-date and there is some interesting information under the research heading such as the 2005 overall best values and Car Buying 101. There is no 'subscriber only' information - all content is free and available to all. The site is searchable.

Reviews are not indexed and there is no glossary. The buyer's guide doesn't offer any 'help me choose' tools that assist you in choosing which car is right for you.

How to:

  • Access buyer's guide
    Choose your vehicle by brand, vehicle type or price range.

  • Search the site
    Type your search term in the box in the top right hand corner of the page and click on the go button.

Overall Rating: 4/10E-Commerce Rating: 0/10

This good site contains quite a few reviews, a cobranded Intellichoice Buyer's guide and a search feature. There is plenty of free information although it is a little more slanted towards the car enthusiast rather than the car shopper. There is no glossary on the site nor are there forums.

The reviews - although not indexed - are arranged in such a way that it is easy to find the one you are looking for. There is lots of free stuff on the site and the photo galleries and test data sections are worth a look. The site has a search feature.

There is no glossary on the site nor are there forums.

How to:

Overall Rating: 4/10E-Commerce Rating: 0/10
Car Junky: Search Discount Car Parts

Another site that it is difficult to categorize. The site doesn't have that much information for the new car shopper but you might find something of interest here. There is a global search function (go to the Car Search link at the bottom of the page) and you could try typing a search term in there and seeing what pops up.

Overall Rating: 4/10E-Commerce Rating: 0/10
One of our Favorites!Hawkman's Automotive Webspace - Reference Library of Links

Although this isn't a magazine as such it is hard to know what other category to put it in. There aren't any of the tools on other magazines but there are abbreviations and acronyms, links to educational sites and references to various automotive subjects.

Overall Rating: 2/10E-Commerce Rating: 0/10
Steer Clear!Road & Track

This site could be so much better with some thought. Plus it seems somewhat sluggish as you move from section to section. The buyer's guide hardly deserves the name, there is no glossary and although there are some reviews there aren't a lot and they aren't arranged in any sensible way.

There is really nothing much positive about this site unless one of the reviews or road tests happens to be about a vehicle that you are interested in purchasing.

No glossary, very few road tests/reviews and those that are present are indexed, a poor buyers' guide and very little of interest for the new car shopper.

How to:

  • Access buyer's guide
    Select your make and model combination and click on GO.

  • Search the site
    Type your search term in the box in the middle, right hand area of the site and click GO.

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