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Where Can I Buy A Car Online? | HOME | FAST LANE - U.S. |

Fast Lane: 8 simple steps for buying a car online

We've created the Fast Lane on Where Can I Buy a Car Online so you can get yourself a new car within a matter of hours (or even faster depending on how quickly you make decisions)! Use our recommended links for buying, insuring, financing and warrantying your next car.

Step 1 - Choosing the Right Car for You

Use the AutoSite help me choose tool to create a list of five cars that match your needs.

Step 2 - Comparing your Top Choices

Use the Car Comparison Tool at Edmunds to make your final decision of a single car.

Step 3 - Get Financing in Place if needed

E-LOAN Auto Refinancing

Using the characteristics of your chosen car apply for financing (if needed) at ELoan.

Step 4 - Finding your Chosen Car Online

CarsDirect.com Order your chosen new car at CarsDirect. Note that certain manufacturer/location combination will not offer you the option to buy through CarsDirect but will instead direct you to a local dealership.

Step 5 - Insure your New Car Online

InsWeb Auto Insurance

Obtain insurance online at InsWeb.

Step 6 - Get a Warranty Online

Save up to 60% on Extended Warranties - Get an instant quote now from Warranty Direct

If you want a warranty in addition to what is offered for your new car buy one online at Warranty Direct.

Step 7 - Sell your Old Car

CarSlave - The #1 way to buy and sell cars ... in the free world.

If you'd like to sell your old car online check out CarSlave's sell your car for free offer (available only through Where Can I Buy A Car Online). If your car is simply too decrepit to sell consider donating it to charity.

Donate a Car To Charity

Step 8 - Tell your friends about Where Can I Buy A Car Online

We hope that you found this page helpful and that this allowed you to quickly and easily obtain your desired new car. And we bet you saved money too (a recent article on Edmunds showed that Internet buyers pay less)! Let your friends know about our site by using our Tell a Friend Page.

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