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Fast Lane: CarsDirect

CarsDirect allows you to look at upfront pricing on your chosen car (in most cases). Choose a car, configure it as you wish and see how much you can save. CarsDirect is car buying of the future - available to you today!

If you've arrived at this page from another site you're probably a bit in the dark about what Where Can I Buy A Car Online's Fast Lane is. We created the Fast Lane program to allow visitor's to our site to choose, locate, finance, buy, insure and warranty a new car in as little time as possible. Fast Lane is designed to shift your online car shopping experience into overdrive.


Overall Rating: 9/10E-Commerce Rating: 9/10
Your Best Bet!CarsDirect.com - America's #1 way to buy cars online!

CarsDirect has long been our favourite online car buying site because it has a feature that no other sites still have - an upfront price. Unfortunately this upfront price is no longer available on all vehicles and in all areas but some lucky buyers can still avoid having to deal with a car salesperson and simply get their car dealing only with CarsDirect. This very important advantage over other online sites coupled with CarsDirect's research centre, finance offerings and live help make CarsDirect a winner.

In some locality/brand combinations you will be able to deal directly with CarsDirect and will see an upfront price. Even when this option is not available you will be shown a 'target price' that will give you a good benchmark to aim for from a dealer quote. Contact information is submitted on a secure page. CarsDirect service is free to the buyer and there is toll-free telephone help as well as live online help. If you deal with a CarsDirect vehicle specialist there is a 1-day turnaround guarantee.

If you have to go with the dealer quote option you can request quotes from multiple dealerships.

The number of locations and brands that have upfront pricing is getting less all the time. Dealerships do not have to meet the CarsDirect 'target' price and their turnaround can be from 2-3 days. Inventory is not shown on line no matter which option you are offered to complete the buying process.

How to:

  • Configure a car
    From the main page simply choose your make and model from the drop down lists (upper middle, right hand area of the page) and click on Go. On the next page indicate your zip code and click on Continue. Click on See Our Price and on the next page select colours, options etc.

  • Get a quote
    Configure a car using the URL and process described above (use the 'Configure a car' link shown above) and at the end of the process you'll get the chance to request a dealer quote (in some cases you may also get the opportunity to proceed with buying via CarsDirect but you will always have the option to get a dealer quote as well).

  • See online inventory
    New inventory is not available online.

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