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Fast Lane: CarSlave.com

You've got yourself a perfect new - or new to you - car and now you want to sell your old car for the best price possible. We recommend CarSlave and through this exclusive Where Can I Buy A Car Online link you can list your car for free. Click on either the banner or the text link below to submit your car details.

If you've arrived at this page from another site you're probably a bit in the dark about what Where Can I Buy A Car Online's Fast Lane is. We created the Fast Lane program to allow visitor's to our site to choose, locate, finance, buy, insure and warranty a new car in as little time as possible. Fast Lane is designed to shift your online car shopping experience into overdrive.

CarSlave - The #1 way to buy and sell cars ... in the free world.

Overall Rating: 8/10E-Commerce Rating: 6/10
One of our Favorites!CarSlave.com - Sell your Car, Find your New or Used Auto

This fairly new entry on the classified scene is well done. To get started click on the Find a Car link on the left hand side of the page. If you click on the Advanced Search link (lower right hand area of page) on the next screen you'll get a myriad of search criteria including vehicle class (compact, convertible, SUV), make, model, year (1900-2003), price range, maximum mileage, condition, number of doors, number of cylinders, type of transmission, type of drive train, sales urgency and a load of checkbox type options (leather interior, GPS etc). Sales urgency allows you to pick out the 'desperate sellers' which may help you find a better deal.

The list of cars you are presented with shows whether or not the listing has a photo, whether it's a private or dealer sale, year of the car, make and model, price, color, mileage and distance from your zip code. All columns can be re-sorted either in ascending or descending order.

Information on individual vehicles is quite good with VIN listed and a fair amount of detail. There are links to do a free lemon check, check blue book value and check insurance rates. If you'd like more information you can send the seller a message by putting your name, phone number, e-mail address and message in a non-secure box on the page (it's not indicated how many of these items are mandatory). There is also a discount offered for cars at dealerships - 'Mention CarSlave and receive an online discount!'.

Presently CarSlave is doing the majority of its business in Texas and most cars are located there but they are planning to expand their reach. That's the only drawback to the site - if you're not in Texas there aren't a lot of cars (if any) that will be of interest to you. If you have used CarSlave to buy or sell a car please let us know about your experience by sending an e-mail to info@where-can-i-buy-a-car-online.com.

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