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Fast Lane: Warranty Direct

Get secure, instant warranty quotes for your new or used car at Warranty Direct. You can even get reduced rates if you purchase two or more warranties at the same time or a $100 U.S. Savings Bond if you refer a friend or relative and they also purchase a warranty from Warranty Direct.

If you've arrived at this page from another site you're probably a bit in the dark about what Where Can I Buy A Car Online's Fast Lane is. We created the Fast Lane program to allow visitor's to our site to choose, locate, finance, buy, insure and warranty a new car in as little time as possible. Fast Lane is designed to shift your online car shopping experience into overdrive.

Save up to 60% on Extended Warranties - Get an instant quote now from Warranty Direct

Overall Rating: 9/10E-Commerce Rating: 9/10
Your Best Bet!Warranty Direct

You now have an online option when it comes to purchasing the peace of mind an extended warranty offers. Warranty Direct makes it easy. You even have a choice of making one, four or 11 payments. If you need help at any time in the process you can speak to a live agent (via online chat) or contact them the old-fashioned way by calling 1-800-632-4222.

Start by selecting your state, year and make of automobile on the main page. On the next screen enter your model and mileage. On the last screen, enter contact information, if you want. You can skip this step and proceed directly to the quote if you click on the 'Continue' button and the subsequent Cancel button.

The next page displays a list of terms (in years and total miles) and prices for MaxCare coverage with $100 or zero deductibles. To purchase online, choose a term and click on the 'Enroll your Vehicle Now' button. The next screen asks for your VIN Number and In-Service Date. The final screen verifies the information entered and asks for your credit card information, all on secure pages.

The site has been recently revamped and now features lots of good information about warranties, coverage eligibility and the company itself. There's also a friends and family referral and rewards program that you might like to check out.

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