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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?Who We Are

Michael KoricanWhere Can I Buy A Car Online is the brainchild of Michael Korican. When Michael started using the Internet in 1995 he realized it had as much potential as Gutenberg's moveable type and press did to revolutionize information dissemination. Michael's company, Informediation.com, specializes in database-driven websites that allow anyone to dynamically publish information on the Net.

Susan Z. MartinSusan Z. Martin is the voice behind the reviews and ratings of Where Can I Buy A Car Online. Susan sees the Internet as a huge, evolving library with no Dewey Decimal System and a lot of pages that aren't worth the wire they're travelling through. Her personal mission is to help you find the best automobile related resources in the Internet in as few clicks as possible.

Together Michael and Susan have put together a site that will be constantly updated and improved as new resources become available and old ones are discarded. Plans for the future include a new tool that will allow dealerships to post their information on our site for an inexpensive annual fee, a new section on selling a car online and other exciting features.

We're not here for the short term and we hope that you'll return to Where Can I Buy A Car Online again and again.

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