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January 2, 2008

Today in automotive history - on this day in 1994, Chrysler Corporation introduced the Neon. Read more about this day in history at The History Channel.

WINDSOR STAR (ONTARIO, CANADA) Big Three limp into 2008
For the Detroit-based automotive companies, the year 2007 was one endless stream of shocks, setbacks and bad news. While some of the import nameplates soared from one success to the next, most of what developed in the auto industry in 2007 was disastrous or at least disappointing for the domestic carmakers, which account for the lion's share of Ontario's $90-billion per year automotive manufacturing sector.    [more]   [top of page]

ECONOMIC TIMES (INDIA) Every 12th Delhiite owns a car
There's a reason why Delhi is called the Detroit of India. The largest automobile market in the country also boasts the highest car density, a whopping ten times the national average. Delhi's tally of per 1,000 private cars puts it firmly on top of the auto heap, closely followed by Ludhiana and Chennai.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Big 3 go after diesel market
Recently passed energy legislation that mandates 40 percent fuel efficiency increases on automakers has them looking toward a technology that's existed for years -- diesel. General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC have committed to a diesel option in the next generation of their light-duty pickups, which are the best-selling vehicles in each of their lineups. If all goes well and more consumers accept diesels as an option, the technology could expand beyond trucks.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) European Union proposes tighter emissions standards for trucks and buses
The European Union Commission has proposed tighter limits on emissions for trucks and buses, which it says will be a "step forward towards global harmonization as it foresees limit values similar to those of the United States of America."   [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Toronto-area toll highway announces rate increase
407 ETR, the toll highway in the Greater Toronto Area, will cost an additional 1.65 cents per kilometre during peak hours as of February 1, 2008. The company said that the rates, combined with more lanes added in 2006 and 2007, will help keep traffic flowing on the highway.   [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Ford researches possible next-generation seatbelt technology
Ford has announced it is researching two advanced next-generation seatbelt technologies that could help further reduce injury risk in vehicle crashes. The systems are a four-point belt design and inflatable rear seatbelts.   [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Transport Canada issues latest recalls
Transport Canada has issued its latest recalls, which may affect some Lexus, Honda, Acura, Dodge, Volvo and Suzuki vehicles, and some Elfe infant seats.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Auto loans have whiff of bad debt
When Jennifer and Bobby Post traded in their 2001 Chevy Suburban last year for a shiny new Ford F-350 turbo diesel with an extended cab, it seemed like a great deal. Even though they still owed $9,500 on their SUV after the trade-in value, they didn't have to put a penny down. The dealership, near the Posts' home in Victorville, Calif., made it easy; they just added the old debt to the price of the new truck and gave the couple a seven-year, $44,276 loan.    [more]   [top of page]

THE AGE (AUSTRALIA) Problems loom for Aussie car industry
Australians continue to buy cars in record numbers, with more than one million new vehicles hitting the roads in 2007. Spoilt for choice with more than 45 brands on offer, buyers shrugged off high petrol prices and rising interest rates and didn't bat an eyelid at the change of government. The only problem for the local automotive industry is that Australians much prefer vehicles built overseas to those made here.    [more]   [top of page]

HINDUSTAN TIMES (INDIA) Automobile price wars poised to intensify
With an overall growth of 17 per cent (till November), the automobile sector looks poised for further growth in 2008. However, high interest rates did have a marginal impact on two-wheeler sales that went down by 3 per cent. Car sales grew by 16 per cent following the introduction newer models by Maruti Suzuki and Korean carmaker Hyundai.    [more]   [top of page]

GLOBES ONLINE (ISRAEL) Israel's auto industry completes best year ever
Israel's automotive sector ended one of the best years in its history yesterday, with more than 190,000 new cars, including taxis meeting Israel's roads in 2008. Nearly all importers saw double digit growth in deliveries, across all segments in 2007, compared with 2006, with the family vehicle segment recording exceptionally strong growth, including the niche and luxury vehicle segments.   [more]   [top of page]

NDTV (INDIA) JLR set for Indian takeover
India has seen optimistic growth in the car industry and the swelling Indian middle class population could set the path for increase demand for passenger cars in the coming years. Such is the optimism that some of India's auto giants are looking beyond the home turf to foreign countries to forge ahead mergers and acquisitions. India's two major auto firms are keen to acquire the British iconic brands Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR), valued at $1.5 billion by Merrill Lynch, put up for sale by Ford. Many believe that such a deal could propel the winner onto the global arena.    [more]   [top of page]

24-7 PRESS RELEASE (BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA) Auto Estrogen Goes Live: Car-Buy-Her founder discusses all things automotive as it relates to women
Sheronde Glover, founder of Car-Buy-Her is talking all things automotive as it relates to women on her new Internet radio show, Auto Estrogen Live! as an extension of her blog and website located at http://www.car-buy-her.com. Each week on Friday, Glover goes live at 7:30 a.m. Eastern discussing car buying, auto repair and everything any between to assist women on the road.    [more]   [top of page]

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH (MISSOURI, USA) Accused car thief has very unlucky day
A man had bad luck in his choice of stolen vehicles. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said Ernesto Ponce took a pickup from a Chevrolet lot in Roseburg on Friday, but had to switch vehicles when a tire blew.    [more]   [top of page]

REUTERS (UK)Newlyweds caught in drag race
Australian newlyweds kissing on the backseat of their hired car were unaware their chauffeur was street drag racing, until a police siren broke their romantic bliss and ended the race.    [more]   [top of page]

December 31, 2007

Today in automotive history -on this day in 1909, the Manhattan Bridge opened. On this day in 1941, America's last automobiles with chrome-plated trim were manufactured. On this day in 1971, President Richard Nixon signed the National Air Quality Control Act. Read more about this day in history at The History Channel.

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD (AUSTRALIA) Merger to rev up Chinese car industry
The merger of two of China's state-run car makers comes as its domestic market booms and as the country gears up to compete with top global brands, industry officials said. The merger announced last week between Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp, one of China's biggest car groups, and its rival Nanjing Auto is one of the biggest ever tie-ups between mainland vehicle makers.   [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Mich.'s tough times drawing to a close
Michigan's economy in the past few years has often been described as gripped in a "one-state recession," and while no one predicts a rose garden for the state in 2008, there are at least some signs this may be the last tough year before the state begins a slow rebound in 2009. But not before more pain.   [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) GM electric car takes off on YouTube
More than eight years after discontinuing the now-notorious EV1 electric car, General Motors Corp.'s quirky little ride just won't go away. Fans of the EV1 still haven't forgiven GM for halting the electric car program -- and destroying most of the cars -- in 1999. That decision inspired the documentary, "Who Killed the Electric Car."   [more]   [top of page]

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS (COLORADO, USA) The fight over emissions standards
Environmental activists and sympathetic public officials were naturally upset by the decision in Washington the other day to reject California's "clean car" law. No surprise there. After all, more than dozen other states, including Colorado, supported California's effort to tighten emission rules for new motor vehicles with the intent to cut greenhouse gas emissions. What has proponents of the California standard really fuming, though, is news that Environmental Protection Agency chief Stephen Johnson made his ruling against the advice of EPA's career staff.   [more]   [top of page]

DEUTSCHE WELLE (GERMANY) German Steel Sector to Stagnate in 2008
After years of record growth, Germany's key steel sector is likely to face more uncertain times as the fall in the dollar and the global credit crunch raise business risks, the nation's steel industry association said. Speaking to the German news agency DPA, association president Dieter Ameling said that, in particular, major export industries such as the automotive field and electrical engineering were likely to be hit by a weaker dollar with automakers also scaling back demand as a result of concerns about new CO2 emission rules.   [more]   [top of page]

INTERNATIONAL REPORTER (INDIA) Tata Group, Ratan Tata to retire after launch of his one lakh-car
The car industry is shocked to know that after the launch of Rs.1 lakh car, the people's car,as he says, he may retire. This launch at auto expo show in New Delhi on January 10,2008 shall carry a special interest all over the country. Even Maruti Managemen is considering to lower their prices to compete the Tata's people car. The Head of the Tata Group, Ratan Tata has confirmed that he would like to retire from active business life after his dream project gets a successful launch.    [more]   [top of page]

TOP NEWS (INDIA) Tata's 1-lakh Car, Hummer and Cadillac to be showcased at Auto Expo in January
The ninth Auto Expo, the biggest automotive trade show, is beginning on January 10, 2008, in New Delhi. The theme of the Auto expo is Mobility for All. The exhibition, ninth in the series, will be the longest-ever as compared to previous six-day event held in 2006.   [more]   [top of page]

CNEWS (ONTARIO, CANADA) Man accused of pushing car off mountain
A man pushed his Ford Mustang down a mountain as part of a scheme to claim it was stolen, authorities said.    [more]   [top of page]

ARIZONA REPUBLIC (ARIZONA, USA) Family of N.C. man mistakenly declared dead after car hit him sues medical officials
The family of a man who was hit by a car and mistakenly declared dead has sued over the mistake, claiming it led to injuries from which he might not recover. Larry Green was walking across a highway in 2005 when he was hit by a car. He was put into a body bag and sent to the morgue, and the medical examiner did not notice Green was still alive until roughly 2 1/2 hours after the accident.    [more]   [top of page]

HOUSTON CHRONICLE (TEXAS, USA) 'Mean' customer bequeaths Brownsville waitress $50,000, car
For nearly seven years Melina Salazar did her best to put on a smile and tend to the every need of her most loyal and cantankerous customer.   [more]   [top of page]

THE STAR-TELEGRAM (TEXAS, USA) Police: Stolen GPS unit leads to arrest
Police arrested a man on suspicion of stealing a GPS receiver after the device apparently gave him away.    [more]   [top of page]

December 28, 2007

Today in automotive history -on this day in 1954, the first Hudson Hornet with a Nash engine was offered. On this day in 1957, the 2,000,000th Volkswagen was finished. Read more about this day in history at The History Channel.

PEOPLE'S DAILY ONLINE (CHINA) Largest acquisition case in China's auto industry completed
As the domestic auto industry's largest acquisition case, comprehensive cooperation between SAIG and Southern Automobile was finally settled. The Shanghai Automotive Industry Group and Yuejin Motor Group (the share holders of Southern Automobile) held a cooperation signing ceremony on Thursday in the Great Hall of the People.   [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Chinese merger sets global target
Two of China's biggest domestic automakers announced Wednesday that they will merge in hopes of creating a producer that can compete in global auto markets. The merger of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. and Nanjing Automobile Corp. adds to a flurry of recent alliances in China's fast-growing vehicle market, the world's second-largest.    [more]   [top of page]

MSNBC (NEW YORK, USA) Observer from Detroit: Motoring into a tough year
Slowing sales in North America and western Europe look set to make 2008 a tough year for the global car industry. Fierce competition is sure to make some careers, and break others. Among those worth keeping an eye on are Renault's Carlos Ghosn and PSA Peugeot Citroen's Christian Streiff. Both are bosses of challenged French car companies in the throes of a three-year restructuring. The question is, who will come out ahead?    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Auto recalls up more than 25%
The number of vehicles recalled increased more than 25 percent in 2007, but the biggest recalls were largely limited to older models, suggesting that automakers are building more reliable cars and trucks. Overall, 14.2 million vehicles were recalled this year, up from 11.2 million in 2006, but still far below the 30.8 million recalled in 2004, according to preliminary figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.   [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Volvo recalls 125,000 trucks in North America
Swedish truck-and-bus maker Volvo AB today said it would recall 125,000 trucks in North America because of a fire hazard. Tommy Kohle, a spokesman for the Goteborg-based company, said it would recall the Volvo VN, Volvo VHD and Volvo VT models constructed from 2003 to the present. The trucks have been sold in the U.S., Mexico and Canada, he said.   [more]   [top of page]

JALOPNIK (NEW YORK, USA) Ford and U-Haul Test Out Eco-friendly
Paint Ford Motor Company and U-Haul launched the industry's first fleet of vehicles painted with Ford's environmentally responsible new technology, which reduces greenhouse gases by 15 percent and cuts Ford's production costs. More than 200 Ford E-Series trucks painted with this new technology were delivered to U-Haul facilities around the country. U-Haul began renting the units, tagged with eco-friendly decals, to customers this week.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Yugo carmaker up for sale
Serbia's only carmaker and producer of the much-maligned Yugo will be sold next year, the government said today. In an advertisement published in the Politika daily, Serbia's Privatization Agency said nearly 90 percent of the company's shares will be sold in April. Zastava, based in the central city of Kragujevac, first exported the Yugo to the United States in 1986 for less than $4,000.    [more]   [top of page]

AUTOPIA (NEW YORK, USA) With Drooping Dollar, Why Do American Cars Still Cost So Much Abroad?
In a press conference last September with Chevrolet's general manager Ed Peper, Canadian journalists were unrelenting. The Canadian dollar had reached a par with the American greenback, yet cars still cost thousands of dollars more than in the States. Why?    [more]   [top of page]

TIMES OF INDIA (INDIA) Auto Expo may soon become an annual event
The biggest automotive trade show, Auto Expo, may soon become an annual affair. Currently, the programme is held once in two years at Delhi's Pragati Maidan.    [more]   [top of page]

THE TELEGRAPH (INDIA) Cabinet greenlights Bengal auto park
The Rs 1-lakh car is yet to roll out but it appears to have evoked enough interest from the auto industry to explore Bengal as an emerging opportunity. The state cabinet today cleared the proposal for an integrated auto component park at Guptamani near Kharagpur, 150km from Calcutta.   [more]   [top of page]

WFTV (FLORIDA, USA) Thief Arrested For Stealing Baby Jesus With GPS
Baby Jesus has gone high tech. Authorities said a baby Jesus stolen from a nativity scene in Wellington is safely back in the manger after it was stolen.    [more]   [top of page]

STAR-TELEGRAM (TEXAS, USA) Officer helps deliver Christmas baby
Transit officer Steven Rocher got up before dawn on Christmas to deliver a few more presents to his mother's house. He ended up delivering a very special gift indeed.   [more]   [top of page]

A Hummer owner in Russia's second city St. Petersburg has given antiglobalists the green light to pelt his oversized vehicle with rotten eggs, Russian news agencies reported on Wednesday.    [more]   [top of page]

December 24, 2007

Today in automotive history - on this day in 1801, Richard Trevithick drove a three-wheeled steam-powered vehicle up a hill in Camborne, Cornwall, England, carrying seven passengers. On this day in 1893, Henry Ford completed his first successful gasoline engine. On this day in 1903, England issued its first automobile license plate, number A1. Read more about this day in history at The History Channel.

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Chrysler: Finances are solid
Chrysler LLC Chairman and CEO Robert Nardelli said Friday the automaker is not only meeting, but exceeding business targets, directly firing back at reports characterizing the company's financial state as dire. "Chrysler has ample liquidity," Nardelli said in a statement. "We are fully funded with working capital to meet our present and future needs and objectives. We are on target and have the unwavering support of Cerberus (Capital Management LP), as well as our other key partner, Daimler AG."   [more]   [top of page]

HULIQ (NORTH CAROLINA, USA) Aptera Type 1 Electric Hybrid Car
It is still a question if Aptera Type 1 Electric Hybrid vehicle is a car or motorcycle, since the company on it's website says "based on our wheel layout and our weight, the Aptera Typ-1 is registered as a motorcyle." However, Aptera Type 1 electric vehicle is a bold step toward the future of car industry and green environment since it's essentially hybrid.    [more]   [top of page]

REUTERS (UK) Germany should embrace CO2 goal, not fight it: Dimas
Germany should look at European Union plans to force down carbon dioxide emissions from cars not as "punishment" but rather a chance to improve their competitive position, EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said. Dimas urged German leaders on Sunday to rethink their opposition to the climate protection measure, telling the Welt am Sonntag newspaper the proposed EU legislation would actually secure German car industry jobs in the long term.    [more]   [top of page]

EDIE.NET (UK) Europe car strategy hits opposition
Commission chiefs said the legislation would underline the EU's determination to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and leave consumers with more money in their pockets after visiting the petrol pump. However, the plans have run into opposition from Germany, which argued that the rules would unfairly penalise their carmakers, such as BMW and Mercedes, and environmental lobbyists who claim they are not tough enough.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) GM dealers get more say in ads
General Motors Corp., with sales declining and dealers grumbling, will relinquish almost all control of nearly $500 million in regional advertising. The automaker is yielding to pressure from dealers who want the freedom to choose their own ad agencies and craft regional campaigns.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) GM recalls 313,000 for fluid leak
General Motors Corp. said Friday it was recalling about 313,000 passenger cars and crossover vehicles to fix a fluid leak that could lead to the driver losing control of the vehicle. The recall involves 275,936 vehicles in the United States, including the 2005-2007 Cadillac CTS and STS sedans, 2005-2007 Cadillac SRX crossovers, and 2006-2007 Pontiac Solstice and the 2007 Saturn Sky convertibles. About 38,000 additional vehicles are under recall in Mexico, Canada, the Middle East and Asia, GM said.    [more]   [top of page]

THE GUARDIAN (UK) Putin sees car makers boom as Toyota opens plant
President Vladimir Putin forecast on Friday his home town of St Petersburg would become one of the world's biggest car industry clusters as he opened Toyota Motor Corp's first Russian plant. "By 2015 St Petersburg alone will produce 1 million cars per year at five foreign-led plants," Putin told an opening ceremony.    [more]   [top of page]

BIRMINGHAM POST (UK) Ford to tell Jag and Land Rover workers first
The Christmas break has delayed the formal announcement of Tata Motor's £1 billion takeover of Jaguar and Land Rover. Ford, which is selling the two Midland carmakers, wants to tell its workers itself before the news becomes public. Although the deal has been sealed, the plants across the Midlands are currently entering their Christmas shutdown. Workers will return to the Castle Bromwich and Lode Lane plants on January 2, when they could be told the outcome.   [more]   [top of page]

INDIAN EXPRESS (INDIA) Maruti eyes 1 mn sales by 2010, bigger role in Suzuki's global operations
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd managing director S Nakanishi speaks to Sumant Banerji about his company's plans for the next few years, as well as parent Suzuki Motor Corporation's 'World Strategic Models' blueprint for long-term growth.   [more]   [top of page]

WASHINGTON POST (WASHINGTON DC, USA) Car Program Offers Cheer To Residents Without Rides
Steve Sullivan's cellphone kept ringing, and the mothers sitting around a table in Oakton were becoming unnerved. The engine light on the Oldsmobile had come on, pushing back work on the minivan. "Ladies, I apologize. This day is just quickly going downhill," said Sullivan, who worked at an auto parts distributor before joining Vehicles for Change, a Halethorpe, Md., nonprofit agency that has provided 3,000 cars to low-income families since 1999.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Six reasons to buy a sQuba
Switzerland's innovative Rinspeed, maker of the Splash hydrofoil car that flies over water, released images last week of its new wonder car: the sQuba, capable of diving to depths of 33 feet. Here's why it belongs on your Christmas wish list.   [more]   [top of page]

WFTV (FLORIDA, USA) Suspected Car Thieves Offer Man $50 To Hide In His House
A suspected car thief on the run from Orange County deputies paid a man $50 to hide in his home. Authorities said a 15-year-old and 21-year-old Calvin Pryor stole a car and ditched it on Glen Eagle Drive in Pine Hills, Tuesday night. Pryor was caught and investigators found the teenager hiding in a bed in the house.   [more]   [top of page]

ARIZONA REPUBLIC (ARIZONA, USA) Ind. man pays for new pickup truck with change
Paul Brant considers himself a penny pincher, but his savings in quarters and dollar coins really paid off. Brant, 70, used more than $25,000 in change to help buy a new Dodge Ram half-ton pickup truck Friday - 13 years after buying another truck with spare change.    [more]   [top of page]

December 21, 2007

Today in automotive history - on this day in 1937, the Lincoln Tunnel was officially opened to traffic. On this day in 1979, the U.S. Congress approved $1.5 billion in loans to the financially threatened Chrysler Corporation in an effort to save the battered automotive giant. Read more about this day in history at The History Channel.

WIRED (NEW YORK, USA) How Detroit Will Reach 35 mpg
It's taken more than two decades of fighting, but the auto industry finally has a new fuel economy standard it can live with. The magic number is 35 mpg, and automakers have 13 years to get there. Now the question is: How? Meeting that benchmark will require developing new technology, investing billions in new manufacturing and shunning the "bigger is better" mentality that has guided the auto industry for 20 years. It will be an unprecedented challenge and a seismic change for an industry that has never had much interest in either.   [more]   [top of page]

WLNS TV (MICHIGAN, USA) Michigan Republicans miffed energy bill sent in a Prius
When Congress sent an energy bill to President Bush, it arrived in a Japanese-built Toyota Prius hybrid, a move that rubbed two Michigan Republicans the wrong way. Congress members Candice Miller and Mike Rogers say it's a "slap in the face" to people in the auto industry.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Fuel rules set Big 3's future
When President Bush signed a landmark energy bill into law Wednesday, he set into motion what consumers will drive in the coming years and what automakers will build. The legislation requires automakers to increase fuel efficiency requirements by 40 percent to a fleet-wide industry average of 35 miles per gallon by 2020. Raising fuel efficiency requirements means all carmakers will have to adjust. Some vehicles will get smaller or lighter, truck-based SUVs could become relics and more fuel-saving technology will make its way under the hood of every vehicle. All will likely get more expensive.   [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) EPA rejects California waiver on greenhouse gas emissions
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that new energy legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Bush this week provides a unified federal standard, and that a waiver requested by the state of California on greenhouse gas emissions is not required.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Government of Canada announces amendment to ease vehicle importation from the U.S.
The Government of Canada has amended the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations to make it easier for Canadians to import vehicles from the U.S. that are equipped with or can be fitted with an electronic immobilization system.   [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Honda Civic and Ford F-Series hold top Canadian sales spots in November
The Honda Civic and the Ford F-Series continued to hold the top spots in Canadian light vehicle sales in November, according to a report by industry analyst Dennis DesRosiers.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) UAW: Chrysler white-collar layoffs nixed
Planned Friday layoffs of 200 UAW-represented Chrysler LLC salaried employees were canceled this morning, said Jeff Hagler, president of Local 412, who represents those workers at the automaker's Auburn Hills' headquarters. "The layoffs are canceled," he said. "We couldn't believe some of the moves (Chrysler) was making, especially right at the holidays, so we appreciate the reprieve."    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Poll suggests progress has halted on Canada's drinking and driving problem
A new poll conducted by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) suggests that progress in reducing Canada's drinking and driving problem has come to a halt.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Honda Civic tops list of most frequently-stolen vehicles in Canada
The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has released its annual report of most-frequently stolen vehicles, with the 1999 and 2000 Honda Civic SiR topping the list for the third year in a row. The two models also appear at numbers three and five on the report of highest theft claims costs per vehicle, a list topped by the 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX and WRX STi.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) New "smart" tire senses and warns when it is damaged
A professor at Purdue University in Indiana has developed a "smart" tire that is able to sense when it goes flat, sustains damage or loses tread, making it safer for road travel. The tire's technology can also be used to detect impending defects before a tire goes into mass production.   [more]   [top of page]

PEOPLE AND PLANET (UK) European car firms face efficiency fines
Green groups and European car makers have reacted strongly to new legislation proposed by the European Commission for reducing carbon dioxide emission from new cars. These latest proposals mark the start of a formal process, which will probably run until mid 2009. According to a draft Regulation, presented by EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas on 19 December, an average 130g/km target for car CO2 emissions will be implemented by setting laxer limits for heavier vehicles, such as SUVs and luxury models.    [more]   [top of page]

ITAR-TASS (RUSSIA) Toyota Co to put out first cars in Petersburg on Dec 21
The first Toyota-Camry cars will roll off the main assembly line in St. Petersburg on Friday, December 21. The factory in Shushary, a Petersburg suburb, will put out 20,000 Camry sedans at the initial stage. However, the enterprise capacity will be brought to 50,000 cars in a short period of time. The Japanese giant hopes to boost annual production to 200,000 cars at its Petersburg factory in a long-term perspective, Itar-Tass reports from Tokyo.   [more]   [top of page]

HINDUSTAN TIMES (INDIA) Low cost, high risks
The veil over the Rs 1 lakh Tata car will be lifted soon. The Tatas may even be joined in the cheap car stakes by other players to entice first-time car buyers and two-wheeler owners. A billion cars for a billion people is the industry axiom. And why not.    [more]   [top of page]

WTOL TV (OHIO, USA) GOP presidential debate at Detroit auto show won't happen
There won't be a Republican presidential debate next month at the Detroit auto show after all. Efforts have fallen through to host such an event in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show.    [more]   [top of page]

BUSINESS WEEK (NEW YORK, USA) How to Buy a Supercar for Less
Some cars really do cost more than $1 million, but you don't have to spend a million to look like a million. One way to avoid the million-dollar price tag is to buy a new, entry-level car from a great brand, like the Porsche Boxster.   [more]   [top of page]

HISPANIC PR WIRE (FLORIDA, USA) Finalists Announced for the 12th Annual Urban Wheel Awards
An independent panel of automotive journalists have cast their votes for the finalists of the 2008 Urban Wheel Awards, which will be held on January 15, 2008 at the Fox Theater in Detroit, in conjunction with Press Preview Week of the North American International Auto Show. Co-hosts Actress Rosie Perez, and Kevin Frazier, of Entertainment Tonight will lead a cast of celebrity presenters, who will present awards to the automotive manufacturers, executives, suppliers, dealers, advertising agencies and motorsports organizations who have contributed to diversity in the industry.   [more]   [top of page]

December 19, 2007

Today in automotive history - on this day in 1924, the last Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost manufactured in England was sold in London. On this day in 1994, Great Britain's prestigious Rolls-Royce, a luxury automobile maker, announced that its future cars would feature 12-cylinder motors manufactured by Germany's BMW. Read more about this day in history at The History Channel.

CBC (ONTARIO, CANADA) U.S. Congress approves fuel efficiency energy bill
U.S. lawmakers passed a sweeping energy bill on Tuesday that imposes tougher fuel efficiency standards on vehicles - legislation that could dramatically change the cars Americans drive. The bill, passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 314-100, will boost mileage by 40 per cent from 25 miles per gallon to an average of 35 miles per gallon - around 6.7 litres per 100 kilometres.   [more]   [top of page]

REUTERS (UK) EU faces showdown over car CO2 emissions
The European Commission faces a showdown between industrial and environmental champions on Wednesday over how to cut emissions of carbon dioxide from cars to fight climate change without harming European carmakers.    [more]   [top of page]

EU BUSINESS (UK) German carmakers up in arms over EU emission limits
German carmakers were on tenterhooks Tuesday on the eve of an expected European Union announcement on carbon dioxide limits, predicting industrial woe if the measures went ahead. "A climate-change war over cars" was how the business weekly Wirtschaftswoche described the standoff between one of Germany's most vital industries and the bureaucrats in Brussels.    [more]   [top of page]

INDIA PR WIRE (INDIA) Indimoto Carpool Survey: Well Educated, High Income, Middle Aged Men are Carpooling the Most, Primarily to Reduce Global Warming
A carpool/rideshare is an arrangement wherein commuters share a vehicle to travel together, thereby saving fuel, money, reducing global warming and traffic. Carpooling is at a very nascent stage in India and has no Government support yet. "There is an urgent need to create awareness amongst urban commuters about the benefits of carpooling primarily to reduce the harmful effects of Co2 emissions from vehicles which is aiding rapid global warming. Moreover with crude oil prices touching $100 a barrel, government and commuters alike need to look at avenues to reduce their dependency on the pricy fuel" says Udit Bhandari, Founder & CEO of Indimoto.com.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Ottawa and New York order 1,052 Daimler diesel-electric buses
Daimler Buses North America has received orders for 1,052 Orion VII Next Generation diesel-electric hybrid transit buses, including 202 from the City of Ottawa.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Canadian windshield wiper manufacturer selected to supply $2 million supercar
Von Stach Products of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario has announced that its HeatFlexx heated frameless windshield wipers have been selected as standard equipment on the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan, the world's most expensive production automobile. DiMora Motorcar of California will become the first OEM to select HeatFlexx as standard equipment.   [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) GM offers buyouts to 5,200 more hourly workers
General Motors Corp. today announced plans for a targeted buyout program that will offer retirement incentives to 5,200 of its 72,000 hourly workers starting next month, paving the way for more employees to be hired under a two-tier wage system recently negotiated with the United Auto Workers. The automaker is still working to cut a deal with the UAW on a second phase of buyouts for the automaker's remaining U.S. blue-collar workforce.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) UAW ad push aims to change its image
A new UAW television advertising campaign aims to reshape the union's image from the organizers of industrial labor to a diverse organization that promotes workplace safety, fair trade and community involvement. The ads, which began airing in Metro Detroit and four other markets this week, direct the public and UAW members to a Web site, IamtheUAW.org, where they are invited to share their own stories, post photos and YouTube videos. The first stories posted are those of members featured in the TV ads.    [more]   [top of page]

PR NEWSWIRE (NEW JERSEY, USA) Milestone for Hyundai Sonata: One Million and Counting
Like its predecessors, one very special Hyundai Sonata sold recently could be praised with many adjectives. Reliable. Dependable. Handsome. Safe. Comfortable. Efficient. Even powerful. But only the most recent Sonata sold can claim, "It's one in a million."    [more]   [top of page]

THE MUSTANG NEWS (ARIZONA, USA) Smoke 'em if you got em: Muscle cars are dead.
Enjoy your V8 Mustangs while they last. If you have one, hold on to it. If you plan on getting one, do it within the next couple of years because they will be going away. While automotive enthusiasts have been clamoring for a bigger BOSS V8 for the Mustang, more supercharged horsepower for the GT-500, and 4-door sedans of the same vein, the Democrat controlled Congress in Washington has been plotting against us.    [more]   [top of page]

WFTV (FLORIDA, USA) Billboard Messages Could Distract I-4 Drivers In Orlando
A new billboard along I-4 might catch your eye as you drive into Orlando from the east. Clear Channel started testing a digital billboard off I-4 near Fairbanks Avenue last week. While its messages might make drivers smile, it also puts them at risk for getting into car accidents. A representative from AAA said its flashing messages make it difficult for drivers to focus on the road.    [more]   [top of page]

REUTERS (NEW YORK, USA) Pedestrian charged for walking over car
A pedestrian has been charged with damaging property after walking over a car that was parked illegally on the sidewalk in Greece's congested capital. "I could not get past the vehicle, a four-wheel drive, which had been parked right on the pavement so I got angry and just walked over it, slightly denting its hood," Tasos Pouliasis told state television Tuesday.    [more]   [top of page]

BOSTON GLOBE (MASSACHUSETTS, USA) Angry truck driver tries to tow cop car
A tow truck driver upset over a recent ticket tried to tow a police cruiser, authorities said. The 32-year-old man was arrested after he hooked his truck to the marked police vehicle while an officer was responding to a domestic disturbance call, police said.   [more]   [top of page]

December 17, 2007

Today in automotive history - on this day in 1963, the U.S. Congress passed the Clean Air Act. On this day in 1979, driver Stan Barrett became the first person in the world to travel faster than sound on land. Read more about this day in history at The History Channel.

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Energy bill hangs on to the myth that we can have our oil and guzzle it, too
We are being taken for a ride, the conclusion of which will leave us in an unhappy place if we allow Congress to continue treating us as children. I am referring to current congressional thinking on national energy policy, which is based on the Myth of Endless Growth and the Doctrine of Uninterrupted Joy. The myth assumes we can continue producing and consuming at eternally increasing rates without exhausting materials needed for production and consumption. It is based on the idea that there always is more of something from somewhere to be had in support of our greed.    [more]   [top of page]

NEWSWEEK (NEW YORK, USA) A Rock Star's Rebirth
It's seven minutes to Showtime, and Carlos Ghosn is backstage and ready to roll. A translucent angel-hair microphone descends along his right cheek from beneath his carefully coiffed hair. His makeup is perfect, having been applied moments before by his personal makeup artist. ("Do you like strawberry?" she asks, as she applies lip gloss).    [more]   [top of page]

JOURNAL GAZETTE (INDIANA, USA) Fresh from contracts, automakers expect to idle in '08
The N. Keller General Contracting Co. of Loxahatchee, Fla., probably should replace its 7-year-old Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup. But business in Palm Beach County isn't what it used to be, and like many contractors who work in Florida's sluggish housing industry, co-owner Jennifer Keller isn't inclined to spend the money just yet.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Ford lifts merit pay raise ban
Average salaried employee will get a 2.7 percent increase in April. Ford Motor Co. has lifted a freeze on merit raises for salaried employees and says the average white-collar worker will get a 2.7 percent pay increase in April. However, salaried employees are also being asked to pay more for health insurance in 2008, according to memos sent out by the company this week. Ford said the pay increases will be "contingent on business conditions," but based on employee performance.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Research team's findings could revolutionize heavy oil and oil sands production
An International team of scientists, including those from the University of Calgary, has published a report showing how crude oil deposits are naturally broken down by microbes in the reservoir. The discovery could revolutionize heavy oil and oil sands production by leading to more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly ways to produce oil.   [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Tundra recall: Toyota's new woe
Toyota Motor Corp. said Friday that it would recall close to 16,000 new Tundra pickups in an announcement likely to generate fresh concern about lapses in the Japanese automaker's vehicle quality. Toyota's standing has slipped in recent surveys, and it was dealt a blow in October when the influential Consumer Reports magazine said it would no longer automatically recommend new Toyota vehicles because of a drop in the reliability of some recent models.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Daimler Trucks forms joint venture with Indian company Hero Group
Daimler Trucks has signed a shareholder agreement to form a joint venture with Hero Group of India. The projected venture is aimed at local production of light-, medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles for the Indian volume market, with production for export markets to follow at a later stage.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Honda builds one-millionth vehicle in Thailand
Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co. Ltd. has announced the production of the one-millionth car at its manufacturing facility in Ayutthaya. The company, Thailand's second-largest manufacturer and exporter of passenger cars, made its first Honda vehicle in 1984. The milestone vehicle is a 2008 Accord.   [more]   [top of page]

LIVE MINT (INDIA) Oil firms not yet ready for 10% ethanol blended fuel in October
Nirav Miyani, a 26-year-old trader here, will have no choice but to modify his 10-year-old Premier Padmini car if it has to run on clean ethanol-blended fuel from next October - the official deadline set by the government for oil firms to sell 10% blended fuel known as E10.    [more]   [top of page]

TIMES ONLINE (UK) Tata pulls ahead in race for Land Rover and Jaguar
Tata, the Indian company trying to bring the world's cheapest car to the South Asian country, is expected to be named as the preferred bidder for Ford's Land Rover and Jaguar brands in the next few days. A source said that although nothing could be confirmed, an announcement is expected in the next few days.    [more]   [top of page]

BIZ REPORT (DENMARK) More auto ad dollars are moving online
In 2007 about 5% of automotive advertising dollars were spent online. By 2011 that will raise to 13%. "The autos category, along with real estate and travel, has enjoyed the deepest, most sustained experience among all verticals in the shift online," said Peter Krasilovsky, Marketplaces program director for The Kelsey Group.   [more]   [top of page]

FIN CHANNEL (GEORGIA) SmartWeb: The mobile future for car drivers and motorbike riders
Regardless of one's situation or location, one can nowadays easily use information from the internet while on the move, either using a mobile phone or via a WLAN. However, shifting the internet access to within the vehicles is a new thing. According to BMW, this year BMW became the first car manufacturer to offer Google local search inside its vehicles.    [more]   [top of page]

POST-GAZETTE (PENNSYLVANIA, USA) Looking for stocking stuffers? These car models will wow you
Santa has lots of goodies this year for model car collectors. Whether you like historic cars, current models, muscle cars or even trucks, there's bound to be something for from model makers.    [more]   [top of page]

INDEPENDENT ONLINE (SOUTH AFRICA) Parking fee mistake makes drivers see red
It can be tough enough to make ends meet during the holiday shopping season without being charged $148 000 just to park a car for a couple of hours.    [more]   [top of page]

INDEPENDENT ONLINE (SOUTH AFRICA) Cheery policeman lets driver off the hook
When Dutch police stopped a car for a broken headlight and noticed the driver was accompanied by a prostitute, they gave him a break - and let him pay the traffic fine in cash rather than sending the ticket to his home.    [more]   [top of page]

FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM (TEXAS, USA) Man being chased drives through car wash
A driver did not make a clean getaway early Sunday, despite taking his vehicle through a car wash while fleeing an officer.   [more]   [top of page]

YAHOO! NEWS (NEW YORK, USA) Chief accused of drunk fire truck racing
A fire chief in Penobscot County has been charged with being drunk behind the wheel while driving a fire truck with its lights on and its sirens going. Russell Banks of Burlington was arrested around midnight Saturday after a resident complained that Banks was racing a fire tanker by his home even though there was no fire in the area.   [more]   [top of page]

December 14, 2007

Today in automotive history - on this day in 1909, the famous brick surface of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (the "Brickyard") was finished. On this day in 1931, Bentley Motors was taken over by Rolls-Royce. On this day in 1947, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) was founded at the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida. Read more about this day in history at The History Channel.

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Vehicle use will outweigh proposed fuel efficiencies on greenhouse gas reduction, report says
A new report released by the World Resources Institute says that proposed fuel efficiency standards in the U.S. and the European Union will not reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks over the long term.   [more]   [top of page]

UPI.COM (WASHINGTON DC, USA) Senate passes stripped-down energy bill
The U.S. Senate passed an energy bill late Thursday that drops a tax hike for oil companies and a minimum requirement for utilities on renewable sources. The final vote was 86-8 after Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., agreed to strip the tax increase out of the bill, The New York Times reported. The bill retains a big increase in fuel-economy standards for the car industry and incentives for alternative fuels.   [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Honda, Toyota: U.S. sales to grow
Japan's leading automakers expect their U.S. sales growth to outpace the American auto market again in 2008, their top sales executives for the region said Wednesday. Toyota Motor Sales USA President Jim Lentz said the Japanese automaker expects to sell 2.61 million cars and trucks in the United States in 2007, and in 2008 expects an increase in the "single-digit, 3 percent range," in what it expects will be a flat market of around 16.1 million vehicles.    [more]   [top of page]

THE STAR (ONTARIO, CANADA) Quebec adopts California standard
Quebec is the first province to adopt California's stringent auto-emissions standards, the province's environment minister announced today. Line Beauchamp said provincial cabinet has already authorized publication of a draft regulation respecting greenhouse gas emissions for light vehicles. ***    [more]   [top of page]

GLOBE AND MAIL (ONTARIO, CANADA) Back to the future: electric vehicle at the core of GM's vision
Byron McCormick - slightly balding and with glasses - looks just like your grandfather. This seems reasonable enough because he is a grandfather. And those grandkids have made him a true believer. "I didn't think about it with my kids and they're grown up now. But I look at my grandchildren and I think to myself, the decisions we make today are going to directly affect them when they're my age, say in 2050. We have to do this, to make these changes," McCormick says over lunch at Electric Drive University.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Vancouver to host first-ever Auto FutureTech Summit in 2008
Members of the automotive industry will come together for the first time at Auto FutureTech Summit, to be held in Vancouver in March 2008. Industry leaders are calling the event a key step to creating solutions for the environmental and sustainability challenges faced within the industry; it will be held in conjunction with GLOBE 2008, North America's premier event on the business of the environment.   [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Shell and HR Biopetroleum to construct facility to turn algae into biofuel
A facility to be built in Hawaii will convert marine algae into biofuel. Click image to enlarge London, England - Royal Dutch Shell and HR Biopetroleum have announced the construction of a pilot facility in Hawaii that will grow marine algae to be converted into biofuel.   [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) China and U.S. increase cooperation on biofuels
The U.S. Departments of Energy and Agriculture, and China's National Development and Reform Commission, have agreed to strengthen and expand their cooperation on biofuels production and use. The two countries have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the ultimate goal of significantly reducing fossil fuel consumption by increasing the use of clean, renewable fuels such as those derived from biomass.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) Drug impairment is on the rise says BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation
The British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) Traffic Safety Foundation is reminding drivers not to "crash the party" this holiday season by driving while impaired, including drug impairment. While alcohol is still the leading cause of impaired driving offenses, drug impairment is on the rise.    [more]   [top of page]

CANADIAN DRIVER (ONTARIO, CANADA) New report reveals public support for strong stand against impaired driving, MADD says
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada says that a new report released by Transport Canada shows the Canadian public is far more forward-looking than its elected officials when it comes to measures to reduce impaired driving. MADD is also calling for a comprehensive review of federal and provincial impaired driving laws that will consider both proven technologies and effective countermeasures.    [more]   [top of page]

DETROIT NEWS (MICHIGAN, USA) Ex-Mitsubishi officials guilty in pedestrian death
Two former employees of Mitsubishi Motors were found guilty of professional negligence today in the death of a pedestrian crushed by a wheel falling off a truck later recalled by the Japanese automaker. Yokohama District Court suspended for three years the 1 1/2-year prison terms for Hiroshi Murakawa, 61, and Hirotoshi Miki, 59. Both had been overseeing quality control at Mitsubishi Motors Corp. The suspended sentences mean they won't have to serve the prison terms.   [more]   [top of page]

GUARDIAN (UK) China's SAIC, Nanjing Auto agree tie-up - sources
Top Chinese car maker SAIC Motor Corp and smaller rival Nanjing Automobile Group have agreed in principle on a tie-up under which Nanjing Auto would own no more than 10 percent of SAIC, two sources close to the talks said on Wednesday. If it goes ahead, the deal could be a step towards creating a national Chinese car champion that would eventually compete head-on with global giants. The government is seeking to strengthen the industry by encouraging tie-ups and mergers.   [more]   [top of page]

HOUSTON CHRONICLE (TEXAS, USA) ArcelorMittal Buys Bigger Stake in China Steelmaker
ArcelorMittal said Thursday is offering to raise its stake in China Oriental Group to 73 percent, strengthening its position in the fast-growing Chinese market. ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steelmaker, agreed last month to spend $674 million for a 28 percent stake in China Oriental, which makes steel in China's northern Hebei province and in Guangdong to the south.   [more]   [top of page]

EARTHTIMES (UK) German environmentalists accuse Merkel of 'double game' on climate
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is "playing a double game" on climate change, the national environmental group BUND said Thursday in reference to German transport policy. German government opposition would block upcoming European Union initiatives on rules for the motor and aviation sectors, BUND Chairman Hubert Weiger said in Berlin as the UN Climate Conference in Bali entered its final phase.    [more]   [top of page]

HERALD SUN (AUSTRALIA) Ford warns on off-track focus
Ford Australia president Tom Gorman has warned the local car industry about "posturing and sabre rattling" for tariff relief under the mid-term review of the Automotive Competitiveness and Investment Scheme due next year. His comments come just two months after Toyota Motor Corp warned the Australian Government that reducing import tariffs to 5 per cent in 2010 and a sustained high Australian dollar could put Toyota's Altona manufacturing base at risk. However, Mr Gorman said Ford would not make threats in the lead-up to the ACIS review.    [more]   [top of page]

YAHOO! SPORT (UK) Mosley: Full freeze imminent
FIA president repeats claim that green technology now more important than pursuit of power. FIA president Max Mosley has confirmed that the governing body is to press ahead with a complete clampdown on the development of Formula One engines, with the aim of pushing manufacturers into being creative with 'really useful' technology. Giving the keynote address at the annual Motorsport Business Forum in Monaco, Mosley claimed that a ten-year freeze on engine design was just around the corner, paving the way for more environmentally-friendly ideas to make their way into the top flight.    [more]   [top of page]

ANANOVA (UK) Motorist filled car with petrol through window
Hungarian police are hunting an early morning driver who poured 150 litres of petrol through the back window of his car. He then staggered back into the driver's seat and drove off with petrol dripping on the floor at the petrol station at Nyiregyhaza. Police suspect the confused motorist was either very tired or very drunk.    [more]   [top of page]

FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM (TEXAS, USA) Man rescued from dangling car on deck
Emergency workers rescued a man who was trapped in his car after it went over the railing in a parking deck and dangled seven floors above the ground. Steel cables on the side of the parking caught the car late Wednesday. But all four wheels appeared free of the parking deck in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood.    [more]   [top of page]

KANSAS CITY STAR (MISSOURI, USA) Burglary suspect flees in squad car
A woman suspected in a burglary found a convenient getaway: the squad car of the officers who arrested her. McKenzie Schafer, 27, of Minneapolis, was arrested and handuffed Sunday by officers investigating the theft of a laptop from the North St. Paul Athletic Association building.    [more]   [top of page]

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